Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hannah is growing up...

Hannah moved into a big girl's bed on Saturday night. It was a busy day for Daddy and Mummy. We rearranged her bedroom after taking down the cot and change table. Then we rearranged the spare room to fit the cot and change table in there! Anyhoo, she hasn't fallen out yet, thankfully and we have a photo of her first night in her bed. She went to sleep really quickly even though Mummy was being rather noisily sick in the bathroom next door. (Thank you baby Micah for your contribution to my evening). Last night Hannah also used a potty for the first time. Things went oh-so-splendidly and she managed to do poo poos in the first five minutes of potty time! I was so proud, and promptly threw up again thanks to my sensitive sense of smell! Ugh. Anyhoo, 10 points to Hannah for poopin in the potty. (No photos were taken of this wondrous but yukky event...)

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