Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 1

Ok, so this morning started badly. My husband came downstairs and his belt had broken. We would usually buy a new one but instead he sticky taped it up. Maybe I can op shop one. I am not the biggest op shop fan but hey, imagine how much I can save!!

We are going to a friend's party tomorrow night and need to take something desserty. I have decided that instead of going crazy making something luxurious, I will make marshmallow treats that Peaches learnt at her cooking classes at the start of the year. This is good because 1) I have all the ingredients, 2) Peaches and Sugarlump can help me and 3) they look cute!

A rather massive challenge at the moment is that this next week is Peaches and my birthdays. Presents are all bought (one reason why I blew so much money last month) and to be honest, Peaches is getting very spoiled. I have already put some of the presents into a Christmas box to be given then instead but she is still getting heaps. I really don't think it is healthy to spend so much for any of us. We don't want to set a precedent that this is normal either.
I have a terribly strong instant gratification mindset so it's quite difficult for me to keep things for later for the girls when I know they would enjoy it now. I really don't want spoiled children, this exercise will hopefully teach the girls and I the meaning of patience and just a basic "you don't get it just because you want it" mentality.
Example above of my children getting unnecessary things added to their gift pile!
I am excited but nervous about this month ahead.
I have written out a list of all items in the freezer and will be working out meals using them and what we have. Hopefully when I go to the store this afternoon I won't be spending too much of our precious $400.

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