Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 11

We have arrived at day 11!

It has been a busy week.  We stayed at home on Monday and Tuesday but by Wednesday we were a bit sick of the house.  I had scored a 'one free entry' for lollipops playground and had one ticket left on a pre-purchased ticket of ten that I bought a few months ago.  So admission was just $3.50 for myself and I got a free drink.  You can't take your own food and drink into these places so I made lunch for the girls to eat on the drive out there.  I allowed them to have one purchased drink each while we were there but nothing else.  They also got a free lollipop as they left :)  These days out can cost up to $50 so it was an impressively cheap day!

Thursday was my birthday and I happened to mention to my wonderful sister Jess that I wished I had the spare change for some red rooster.  She decided to grant my wish!  She donated $40 of red rooster to us, which was no easy feat.  She ended up talking to the store owner on his personal phone.  She is  a girl who, when she wants something done, will not give up until she finds a way.  So the four of us were very grateful to all have red rooster that night for dinner.  It was really good.  Poor Jess likes red rooster too and she is on a diet and can't have any :(  Thank you so much for that wonderful surprise!

On Friday I cared for a friends children while she was conducting a funeral and that afternoon when she picked them up she brought dinner as a thankyou.  We are very blessed to have such wonderful people providing for us.

So, we have spent some more on groceries, I got my paper towel, tissues and tinned tomatoes but we are now in need of margarine, honey, eggs and deodorant.  I will put it off til tomorrow when I will be out anyway just to avoid going to the shops frequently.  I always find things we need/want when I am there so the fewer trips, the better!

Yesterday was a special day for us, Craig and I were baptised.  It was really lovely and I am so glad we did it.

I have implemented a flexible routine at home as of this morning as well.  It will give us more good quality family time and minimalise tv time.  Yay!

DAY 11
SPENT: $120.30

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