Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 5

 I have made it to day 5 and am a little freaked out by the percentage of money spent so far.  We did a slight spurge on Sunday as it was Peaches birthday.  We bought some fresh cooked calamari and potato scallops for lunch.

Peaches birthday party was supposed to be last night but Sugarlump was ill and we thought it best to cancel.  My party is this Friday so we will do a shared party then.  This means though that we have lots of chicken as we were going to have chicken for the birthday dinner.  I have made a rough plan for us to eat some form of chicken every second night so we don't get sick of it or waste it but still use it up.  I am looking at Chicken Adobo, Marinated thai chicken thigh and a roast lemon and garlic chicken legs recipes.  It should make it varied enough I hope!

In other news, we have run out of cheese, (something the girls love) paper towel, tissues and tinned tomatoes.  I am determined not to go to the store until Thursday though so I am going to make do somehow.  We do have a small amount of fresh cherry tomatoes but I don't think it will have the same effect.

The cheap brand bread is horrid, I really miss the soft white bread we are used to.  Doing alot more toast than sandwiches at the moment to disguise how firm it is.

We did some baking on the weekend.  There were cupcakes for Sunday school.

And marshmallow treats for a birthday party.  Peaches helped with these as she had made them before.

SPENT: $90.95

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