Thursday, July 14, 2011

No Spend Month!

Sooooo, I am back :) My newborn daughter from my last post had her 2nd Birthday about 4 months ago so it has been awhile. I have decided to do a no spend month and it is about to start! The Challenge Use a maximum of $400 for all living costs for our family of 4, from the 15th of July until the 15th of August. Why? I am here because the last few months have been total splurges for me and I really need to curb my spending. I have decided to do a no spend month to hopefully change my mindset and stop this shop-a-holic attitude I have. Plan As I am an avid list writer, I will do meal plans and spending tracking. I plan to use all meat in my freezer before buying more and use as many pantry items as possible before needing to stock up. I will give updates as to how I am going and be honest in what I am spending money on. I have a terrible addiction to Red Rooster so I am hoping to curb that a little!

The Details:

This month we have a total budget of $400 to spend on anything we would buy for ourselves.

Included: 20080701 - Jar of coins

  • food & eating out
  • petrol
  • clothing
  • household necessities
  • entertainment

Not included:

  • Tithes and other gifts.
  • Rent, insurance, and bills.
  • Health expenses.
  • Work expenses.
  • Savings and investments.
Ok! So wish me luck! Tomorrow it begins :)


Anonymous said...

excellent thoroughly Splendid thinking! you have inspired me to do just the same!
please keep posting updates as to how your plan goes!
from soaring highs to the devastating lows... keep me posted, and everyone else!
i wanna do that too!!
good luck darling! may the universe spin in your favour, the force be with you, God's divine light be in you and.... twirling.... twirling!!!

meredith said...

Good for you! I found a website called Simple Savings and have just bought their book "The $21 challenge" which discusses how to live off $21 for a week. The aim is to use what you already have in the pantry and to SAVE some money! I'm looking forward to reading it and having a go!

Bel said...

I love simple savings Meredith! I get their emails each week. I am yet to buy the book though so let me know what it is like :)

Simey, now that I have inspired you, there is even more pressure to do this challenge well! I will not let you down! (I hope)